Yasmin Ullah

Rohingya social justice activist

Region(s): Asia
Country of focus: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand
Based in Canada


Current Occupation: Rohingya social justice activist
Language: English


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Yasmin Ullah (@YasminJUllah) is a Rohingya feminist, author, poet, and a social justice activist. She was born in the Northern Arakan state of Burma/Myanmar. Her family fled to Thailand in 1995 when she was a child and she remained a refugee until moving to Canada in 2011.

Yasmin is the founder and the executive director of the Rohingya Maìyafuìnor Collaborative Network which is a women-led, Rohingya-led and refugee-led organization working on Rohingya human rights issues, SGBV (sexual and gender-based violence), education and translocal solidarity with a focus on women, peace and security as well as intersectionality framework. She previously served as the President of the Rohingya Human Rights Network (2018-2020), a non-profit group led by activists across Canada advocating and raising public awareness of the Rohingya genocide.

She was elected chair of the ALTSEAN-Burma board in September 2022 and re-elected in October 2023. She is a board member of the US Campaign for Burma, and a member of the steering committee in Bridges MM-Myanmar Youth Dialogue project. Yasmin is a Minority Fellow at the United Nations as of 2023.

Among the projects she has worked on are, Time to Act: Rohingya Voices exhibition with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Genocide Learning Tool: Us vs. Them with the Montréal Holocaust Museum. Her poetry is published in the anthology, I Am A Rohingya along with other Rohingya poets from the refugee camps and beyond. Her creative writing encompasses other genres of writing including the recently published children’s book called Hafsa and the Magical Ring which encapsulates the experience of Rohingya children living in the camps after fleeing a 2017 genocidal campaign in Myanmar while reconciling current displacement and loss of culture.

In 2021, she was named on the FemiList100, the Gender Security Project list of 100 women from the Global South, working in foreign policy, peacebuilding, law, activism, and development.