Yasmin Ullah

President, Rohingya Human Rights Network

Region(s): Asia
Country of focus: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand
Based in Canada

Yasmin Ullah (@YasminJUllah) is a Rohingya social justice activist born in Northern Rakhine state of Myanmar. She fled to Thailand in 1995 and remained a stateless refugee until 2011. Yasmin currently serves as the President of the Rohingya Human Rights Network, a non-profit group led by activists across Canada advocating and raising public awareness of the Rohingya genocide.

Yasmin is also a research coordinator at Free Rohingya Coalition; a global network of Rohingya activists and friends of Rohingyas who share common concerns about Myanmar’s ongoing genocide and the need for Rohingya survivors to play an active role in seeking a viable future for their community.

She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in political science.