Thinzar Shunlei Yi

Democracy activist Myanmar

Region(s): Asia
Country of focus: Myanmar
Based in Myanmar


Current Occupation: Democracy activist Myanmar
Organization/Institution: Action Committee for Democracy Development
Language: Burmese, English


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Thinzar Shunlei Yi (@thinzashunleiyi) is a democracy activist and human rights defender who is campaigning globally against the Feb. 1, 2021 military coup in Myanmar. She is the advocacy coordinator for Action Committee for Democracy Development, a coalition of 12 community-based social and political networks comprised of diverse backgrounds established in 2013 to build a democratic federal state in Myanmar.

Thinzar was a TV host for Under 30 Dialogue, an online advocacy platform at Free TV Channel Mizzima TV for young people in Myanmar. The third season finished in January, 2021, and its future is uncertain. Under 30 Dialogue kicked off as a Live Event attended by nearly 100 young people to discuss the Rakhine State Crisis (2017, September) when the Myanmar military violently drove Rohingya people from their homes.

Under 30 Dialogue was a weekly program produced by Mizzima, sponsored by Parami Round Table in partnership with Yangon Youth Network. Mizzima Media was established in 1998 in New Delhi, India, by journalists and other veterans of Myanmar’s 1988 pro-democracy uprising.

In 2016, Thinzar received the Emerging Young Leaders Award from the U.S. State Department.