Sara Wahedi

CEO and Founder of security alert tech startup in Afghanistan

Region(s): Global
Country of focus: Afghanistan


Current Occupation: CEO and Founder of security alert tech startup in Afghanistan
Organization/Institution: Ehtesab App
Language: Dari, English

Sara Wahedi (@SaraWahedi) is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ehtesab, Afghanistan’s first civic-technology startup. She is known for innovation and human rights.

Ehtesab’s flagship platform is the ‘Ehtesab App’,  launched in March 2020. @EhtesabApp serves as a nationwide system for security, traffic and electricity alerts as well as as a platform for crowd-sourced reports capturing human rights infringements across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Ehtesab is advancing a feature dedicated to recording women’s ‘gender apartheid’ cases, aiming to strengthen the recognition of gender apartheid as an actionable offence in international jurisprudence.  Wahedi intends to  extend the platform’s reach to other crisis-prone regions globally.

Alongside her work as a technologist, Wahedi has advised the UN, various governments and NGOs working in the realm of civic-technology. Wahedi provides counsel on the fundamental human right of ‘access to information’ and advocates for its protection in global cases. She previously worked at the Office of the President of Afghanistan, responsible for supporting social development policy and projects across the country

Wahedi’s pursuit of the democratization of information in crisis areas has earned her such accolades as TIME Magazine’s ‘Next Generation Leader’, MIT Technology Review’s ‘Innovators under 35’, BBC’s ‘Top 100 Women’, and Forbes ’30 Under 30′. In 2023, she was  honored as One Young World’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’.Technology Review’s ‘Innovators under 35’ list, for her work democratizing access to information for Afghans.

She graduated from Columbia University in 2024  with a bachelor’s degree in urban studies, concentrating in architecture. She is studying next at Oxford for a Master of Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government.