Sara Ibrahim Abdelgalil

Doctor, democracy activist for Sudan

Region(s): Africa, Europe, Global
Country of focus: Sudan, United Kingdom
Based in UK


Current Occupation: Doctor, democracy activist for Sudan
Organization/Institution: Sudan Governance Programming Overseas
Language: English, Arabic


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Sara Ibrahim Abdelgalil (@Sarajalilo) is a U.K.-based doctor and democracy activist in the Sudanese diaspora.

She is a consultant to the Shabaka social enterprise (@shabaka_org),  mapping the Sudanese diaspora for humanitarian assistance initiatives and establishing a Sudan crisis coordination unit.

Sara is an active member of  Sudan’s Doctors for Human Rights (@sudan_doctors) , working in advocacy and focusing in particular on child protection during the dire situation in Sudan.

Before the war between the military and paramilitary generals broke out in mid April, 2023, Sara was helping mobilize support for the peaceful resistance to the Oct 25, 2021 military coup in Sudan and for a halt to deadly state violence against peaceful protesters.

She co-founded Governance Programming Overseas (@GovernancePO) , an NGO based in Sudan to raise awareness among young people about governance to protect democracy, human rights, the rule of law and other aspects of civic society.

She is a former spokesperson for the Sudanese Professionals Association of trade unions, a pro-democracy coalition, and a former president of the Sudan Doctors Union in the UK.

Sara is an African diaspora pediatric consultant, associate professor in pediatrics at St George’s University, Granada, and emergency humanitarian assistance expert with a focus on leading diaspora and governance program  design and management. Sara is recognized as a diaspora engagement expert by the European Union Diaspora Forum..

She has more than 18 years of experience with the U.K. National Health Service leading advocacy campaigns for children and young people, the health and well-being of refugees in the United Kingdom, street children in Brazil and in Africa proposing “The Jigsaw,” multi-professional modelling for active children, and young people’s rights, in Sudan.

She plans to leverage her extensive experience in pediatrics, refugee care, diaspora engagement and humanitarian assistance to continue making a positive impact on children and vulnerable people who are in dire need of care across the globe.