Rita Ruduša


Country of focus: Latvia
Based in Riga


Current Occupation: Journalist
Organization/Institution: Freelance
Language: Latvian, Russia, English, Czech

Rita Ruduša is a veteran journalist, editor and former public media executive. Her professional geography spans four countries – a foreign correspondent in Moscow and London, a broadcaster in Prague and an editor and media manager in Riga. Rita was the founder and the first executive director of the groundbreaking regional hub for journalists, the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence, and has worked extensively on journalist capacity building and promoting gender-sensitive practices in newsrooms.

As a representative of Latvia at the UNESCO International Programme for Development of Communication (IPDC) she has directly contributed to improving journalist safety and made it the priority of her mandate to protect female journalists from harassment, online and off. Rita is the author of several scripts for documentaries and two books, including Forced Underground, a book about being gay under the Soviet regime in Latvia, the first book on the topic published after the collapse of the USSR.