Reem Abbas

Journalist and Women's Rights Activist, Sudan

Region(s): Africa
Country of focus: Sudan
Based in Khartoum

Reem Abbas (@ReemWrites) is a freelance Sudanese journalist and winner of the 2011 Blogher International Activist award for her blog on human rights and current affairs in Sudan.

She has worked at two Sudanese independent newspapers, and her writings on press freedoms have appeared in ‘Index on Censorship’ and the ‘Doha Center for Media Freedom’. Reem’s articles on human rights and the peace process in Sudan have appeared in the CS Monitor, Al-Monitor, the Guardian, Open Democracy, African Arguments, Womens E-News, Africa Review, the East African newspaper among other media outlets.

In addition to her writing, Reem is a communications expert who has conducted high level advocacy for several organizations, including the African Commission and the United Nations. She has also coordinated a number of large-scale campaigns for the SIHA network –a women’s rights organization working in the Horn of Africa–  most prominently the Maryam Yahya campaign.

Reem studied sociology and journalism at the American University in Cairo (AUC), and pursued gender and migration graduate studies at Ahfad University for Women in Sudan. Her thesis was on political refugees in Sudan.