Ray Acheson

Disarmament Programme Director

Region(s): Global
Country of focus: United States
Based in New York


Current Occupation: Disarmament Programme Director
Organization/Institution: Reaching Critical Will
Language: English


Peace research perspectives on NATO 2030 NATO Watch report contribution Feb 2 2021

Nuclear Weapons Have Always Been Immoral. Now They’re Illegal. The Nation Oct 27 2020
The unsustainability of hypocrisy Pressenza International Press Agency Nov 8 2020

Ray Acheson (@achesonray) is the Director of Reaching Critical Will (@RCW_ ) the disarmament program of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. WILPF is the world’s oldest women’s peace organization. It founded in 1915 with the goal of challenging militarism, patriarchy, and capitalism as the roots of war and violence.  @RCW_ Ray leads disarmament advocacy, monitors international discussions and negotiations on arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation and promotes a feminist perspective about weapons and war through her writing and speaking.

She is the author of Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy, the inside story of the antinuclear movement and its success.  From scrappy organizing to winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 and achieving a landmark UN treaty banning nuclear weapons, the book narrates the journey of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons  (@nuclearban), and developments in feminist disarmament activism.

Ray represents @WILPF  on ICAN’s International Steering Group. She was involved in developing ICAN’s strategy and advocacy for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, was an active civil society advocate and analyst during Treaty negotiations and continues to campaign for more countries to sign on. She also represents WILPF in the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots @BanKillerRobots and the International Network on Explosive Weapons.

She has an Honours BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Toronto and an MA in Politics from The New School for Social Research, where among other things she studied the power of nonviolent social movements.