Rasha Abdul Rahim

Director, Amnesty Tech

Region(s): Global
Country of focus: Global
Based in London

Rasha Abdul Rahim (@Rasha_Abdul) is Director of Amnesty Tech at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International in London, where she heads up the AI and Big Data Team. Rasha covers issues related to privacy and data protection, surveillance, platform accountability and ensuring human rights are respected in the design and use of new and frontier technologies.

Rasha also leads Amnesty’s work on fully autonomous weapons systems and other emerging artificial intelligence technologies for military and police use. Rasha sits on the Steering Committee of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. She was previously Researcher/Advisor in the Arms Control, Security Trade and Human Rights Team where she worked on various arms control issues, including the Arms Trade Treaty, the trade in conventional arms, the use of inhumane weapons around the world and the use and transfer of armed drones. Rasha was centrally involved in the global campaign to secure the 2013 Arms Trade Treaty, which entered into force in December 2014.

She has a BA in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge, an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a Graduate Diploma in Law from BBP Law School in London.