Nivin Al-Hotary

Chair, Women Support Unit, Syria

Region(s): Middle East
Country of focus: Syria
Based in Northwest Syria

Nivin Al-Hotary (@NivinAlhotary)  is a human rights activist and women’s rights champion in Syria. She works to strengthen women’s voices inside Syria and in international forums. She is Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Women Support Unit, a civil society organization that includes more than 1,500 women in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo, Syria.

She is a member of Madaniya, an initiative launched in 2023 by more than 180 representatives from Syrian civil society organizations to enhance the political agency of the Syrian civic space. She is a member of the Syrian Women Platform and works with Tastakel, a non-profit women-led organization. She has a role in the Stabilization Support Unit of facilitating focus group discussions and developing activities that promote women’s role in society.

The Stabilization Support Unit is an NGO that promotes stability in Syria through public services, governance, peacebuilding and the promotion of democracy projects. At the Stabilization Support Unit, Nivin is responsible for designing and implementing training and capacity-building programs for women and local councils. As part of the Tamkeen program (a governance and basic service delivery program), she helped establish women’s committees that promote good governance and increase the number of women in leadership positions in coordination with local councils and official authorities.

Nivin worked as a coordinator in a women’s political network in Eastern Ghouta, an area near the Syrian capital Damascus. She has presented testimony to the United Nations Security Council, once about the conditions of civilians in Eastern Ghouta under siege and bombing, the second time about the conditions and difficulties women face after displacement.