Nela Pamukovic

Feminist activist

Region(s): Europe
Country of focus: Croatia
Based in Zagreb


Current Occupation: Feminist activist
Organization/Institution: Centre for Women War Victims
Language: Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/Montenegrin, English


Compensation Comes late for Rape Survivors of Balkan Wars Balkan Insight June 19, 2019

LGBT activism in the Western Balkans: a regional fight for rights Krytyka Polityczna & European Alternatives Jan 18, 2018

Nela Pamukovic @NelaPamukovic has been an activist since the 1980s. She joined Anti-War Campaign of Croatia in 1991 and co-founded the Centre for Women War Victims (ROSA) in 1992 during the Bosnian war, when rape was used as a weapon to terrorize communities and intimidate women. She works to support women survivors of sexual and other forms of war violence in Croatia, and is a co-founding member of Women’s Court – Feminist Approach to Justice. She was a member of the Regional Commission responsible for establishing the facts about the war crimes and other serious Human Rights Violations from 2009-2013. She has been a key individual in constructing a network of feminist communities throughout former Yugoslavia.