Milia Eidmouni

Regional Director

Region(s): Middle East
Country of focus: Syria
Based in Amman


Current Occupation: Regional Director
Organization/Institution: Syrian Female Journalists Network

Milia Eidmouni (@Milia1) is a freelance journalist, based in Jordan since 2013. Eidmouni contributes to several Syrian publications, and international magazines, with focus on women’s rights during conflicts. In 2012 she Co- Founded ‘Syrian Female Journalists Network’, a professional organization which brings together female and male media professionals to promote gender justice and women’s rights through the Syrian media,  amplify the voice of Syrian female journalists, and challenge gender inequality in the media.

Milia is a certified media and peacebuilding consultant and has worked extensively on women’s rights and gender based violence. She is active in both international and national processes to promote  women’s participation in the political process in Syria, and is a Media, Gender and Refugee issues expert.

Milia Eidmouni holds two bachelor’s degrees in Media Studies and Philosophy from Damascus University.