Mèaza Gebremedhin

Tigray human rights advocate

Region(s): Africa
Country of focus: Ethiopia
Based in USA

Mèaza Gidey Gebremedhin (@meazaG_) is a human rights activist who helped establish @Omna Tigray,  promoting education-based advocacy to halt war against the Tigray people in Ethiopia and to help survivors. She lives in exile in the US where she was studying for a graduate degree when the war began in November 2020.

Before the war Meaza co-founded Yikono, a grassroots movement aimed at creating a society that treats men and women equally. She is a leading voice for accountability and justice for survivors of  weaponized sexual violence in the war.

She participated in lobbying that led to the establishment by the United Nations Human Rights Council of the UN international commission of human rights experts on Ethiopia; and she has helped raise significant funds to assist displaced families and refugees sheltering in neighbouring Sudan.