Marta Chumalo

Women's Rights Ukraine

Region(s): Europe
Country of focus: Ukraine
Based in Lviv Ukraine


Current Occupation: Women's Rights Ukraine
Organization/Institution: Women's Perspectives Centre
Language: Ukrainian, English


“The invasion created a different kind of violence” Kvinna till Kvinna June 27, 2023

The invisible frontline: How the fight for women’s rights changes in times of war OSCE Stories Mar 24, 2023

Feminists about the war Video and Text Feminist Workshop Sep 16, 2022

Marta Chumalo is a feminist psychologist who co-founded the Women’s Perspectives Centre in Lviv, Ukraine.  She has been helping internally displaced persons, defending the rights of women survivors of domestic violence, and calling the world’s attention to the horrific impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Based in Lviv, Women’s Perspectives is a leading non-profit NGO in Ukraine dedicated to protecting women’s rights and promoting equal rights and opportunities for men and women. It provides psychotherapy, legal support, self-defence classes, job counselling, help with the children’s homework and other support for women and children displaced by the war.

She is an expert of the European Women’s Lobby Observatory on Violence against Women. This organization brings together a dynamic group of women from 29 countries in Europe with eight European-wide members, with outstanding experience and expertise in different forms of male violence against women. Among them are women’s rights defenders and front-line activists from non-government organizations.

Marta was awarded the 2023 Olof Palme Prize, a prestigious international annual Swedish award for outstanding achievements in protecting and promoting human rights.