Kholood Khair

Sudan policy and political analyst

Region(s): Africa
Country of focus: Sudan
Based in Sudan-UK


Current Occupation: Sudan policy and political analyst
Organization/Institution: Confluence Advisory think tank
Language: English, Arabic


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Kholood Khair (@KholoodKhair) is founding director of Confluence Advisory,  a policy ‘think-and-do’ tank based in Khartoum, Sudan. She is a policy and political analyst, current events commentator and radio broadcaster.

She hosts and co-produces a weekly radio program, Spotlight 249 on Capital FM in Sudan, that is aimed primarily at young people. Season one episodes included dialogue and debate on peace-building, economic reform, the environment, transitional justice and refugee protection.

Kholood has extensive field experience in coordinating, managing, and implementing humanitarian and development programmes during and after conflict. She is experienced in projects aimed at fostering dialogue, building democracy and improving women’s rights.

After the 2019 popular uprising in Sudan, Kholood served as senior advisor on a project of Switzerland’s Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue to support a peaceful and inclusive transition. Earlier she worked for the British Council in Khartoum supporting citizen-state engagement programming across Sudan. She was a consultant with UN Women in Sudan on action plans and on reports about violence, particularly against women and girls.

Kholood has two master’s degrees, one in African Studies from the University of Oxford and one in Violence, Conflict and Development from SOAS University of London.

She has forged a relationship between Sudan’s National Records Office and the British Library, London, and voluntarily manages a project to conserve and digitize important Sudanese history.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has volunteered her skills in project management, coordination and strategy to Sudan’s ministry of health and other key agencies in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Office.

She writes opinion pieces for Al Jazeera English and other publications and has appeared in AJ English, DW English, France 24 English, TRT World, The New York Times, Washington Post,  as well as on international radio in English: BBC, RFI, NPR and The World.