Ketty Nivyabandi

Advocacy & Strategic Research Manager, Nobel Women's Initiative

Region(s): Africa
Country of focus: Burundi
Based in Canada

Ketty Nivyabandi (@kettynivyabandi) is an activist and human rights defender whose leadership in mobilizing women to peacefully protest in Burundi’s 2015 crisis led her to flee from persecution to Canada. She is an advocate for democratic governance and human rights, and regularly speaks on displacement and the effects of conflict on women’s lives. Since 2015, she has used the power of social media to drive several global awareness campaigns on human rights violations in Burundi. Ketty works as the Advocacy and Strategic Research Manager at the Nobel Women’s Initiative, where she supports global women’s movements and activists to shape public policy on peace and security. 

Prior to joining Nobel Women’s Initiative, Ketty worked as a communications specialist in Burundi and the East African region. Ketty is a former journalist, studied International Relations, and is a published poet.