Kawkab Al-Thaibani

Co-founder Women4Yemen

Region(s): Middle East
Country of focus: Syria, Yemen
Based in Turkey

Kawkab Al-Thaibani (@Kawkab) is co-founder of Women4Yemen, a network of women activists in media, human rights and civil society who advocate for women in peace and security in Yemen. She serves on the advisory board of the Yemeni Archive, an independent platform for documenting human rights and other violations by parties to the conflict in Yemen.

Her aim as a communications professional, researcher and journalist, is to empower the visibility and voice of women, especially at the grassroots level. She has stirred anger among  security authorities for writing about such issues as sexual violence inside prison, state violence, corruption and oppression of civil freedoms. She previously worked as Regional Gender Advisor for ARK Group DMCC, a social enterprise organization.

In 2019, she was recognized as one of TRT’s “Women of War” to highlight the significance of women’s role in peace. TRT World Research Centre is a non-profit research and policy institute based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kawkab holds a Master’s degree in Gender and Development from Sana’a University (Yemen) in a joint program with Roskilde University.