Julienne Lusenge

Founder / President

Region(s): Africa


Current Occupation: Founder / President
Organization/Institution: Female Solidarity for Integrated Peace and Development (SOFEPADI)

Julienne Lusenge (@LusengeJ) is a native of Eastern Congo and a renowned human rights activist advocating for the rights of survivors of sexual violence in conflict. She is the President of the Female Solidarity for Integrated Peace and Development coalition (SOFEPADI), a coalition of 40 women’s organizations in Beni (North-Kivu). SOFEDADI works to protect women’s rights and support sexual violence survivors by providing healthcare services, reintegration programs and legal advice to victims of gender-based violence.

Lusenge’s activism began after she experienced the grave impacts of inter-ethnic war in 1998, when members of armed groups tore through her community raping and brutalizing women. She began to publicly condemn and document acts of violence against women, challenging the leaders of armed groups using violence against women in conflict.

She is a member of the Advisory Council of UN WOMEN, and the Director of the FFC – a national fund that mobilises resources to support grass roots women’s organisations in Eastern Congo.

She was awarded the French Embassy’s “Human Rights Award” in 2012, and the “Knight of the Legion of Honour” in 2013 by the French Government.