Juliana Guerra Rudas

Advocacy Officer Derechos Digitales

Region(s): Latin America
Country of focus: Colombia
Based in Colombia


Digital Activism


Current Occupation: Advocacy Officer Derechos Digitales
Organization/Institution: Derechos Digitales
Language: Spanish, English

Juliana Guerra Rudas is the advocacy officer at Derechos Digitales (@DerechosDigital ) a non-government organization whose mission is to defend and promote human rights in the digital environment for all users in Latin America.

Based in Colombia, her work has been focused for the last two years on Internet standardization processes and human rights. She is part of Ciberseguras, a feminist digital security network, and the Musea La  M.A.M.I. matronate. Since March 2021 she has been co-chair of  the Internet Engineering Task Force Latin American interest group.

Juliana has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies. Her work explores the intersection between body, technology and social movements, and she has recently been focusing on feminist digital security and infrastructures. Between 2012 and 2015 she was the Networking Coordinator at i.letrada, a culture and politics review in Bogotá, Colombia. She has worked at Derechos Digitales, which is based in  Santiago de Chile, since 2016.