Joséphine Malimukono

Women's Rights Leader DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo

Region(s): Africa
Based in Goma, DRC


Current Occupation: Women's Rights Leader DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo
Organization/Institution: Fund for Congolese Women, Congolese Solidarity League, COCAFEM
Language: French

Joséphine Malimukono (@JMalimukono) is a women’s rights leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

She is  vice president of the Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises (Fund for Congolese Women), an NGO which mobilizes financial and technical resources to support grassroots organizations led by women and girls. She is coordinator of the Ligue de Solidarité Congolaise (Congolese Solidarity League), an NGO which supports improvement in the socio-economic standing of women.

She is president of COCAFEM, the Concertation of Collectives of Women’s Associations of the Great Lakes Region, a group of 11 women-led collectives representing more than 1,800 associations working at the grassroots in DRC, Burundi and Rwanda.

Joséphine addressed the United Nations security council on behalf of DRC civil society organizations on October 17, 2023.