Hana Saleh

Journalist, executive manager Belqees media

Region(s): Middle East
Country of focus: Yemen
Based in Turkey


Current Occupation: Journalist, executive manager Belqees media
Organization/Institution: Belqees Media and TV
Language: Arabic, English


Conference looks at future map for peace in Yemen The Jerusalem Post March 9, 2020

Hana Saleh (@hanaasaleh2011) is the Executive Manager of Belqees Media and TV, an independent broadcaster based in Istanbul, Turkey, reporting exclusively on Yemeni news. She is a member of  Women4Yemen, a network of women activists in media, human rights and civil society. Seats at the peace table for Yemeni women are among their aims.

A nurse by training, she took part in the peaceful revolution in Yemen in 2011, spending months with other youth leaders and protesters calling for an end to the 33-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. She left Yemen and now lives in Turkey.

A Q and A is here: Meet Hana Saleh, Yemen.