Dr. Rola Hallam

CEO & Founder, CanDo

Region(s): Africa, Middle East
Country of focus: Syria
Based in London

Rola Hallam (@HallamRola) is a British-Syrian award-winning consultant anaesthetist, humanitarian, human rights advocate and social entrepreneur.

Hallam played an integral part in building seven hospitals in Syria, including the first-ever crowd-funded hospital. She is the founder and CEO of CanDo, a not-for-profit social enterprise pioneering a fresh, locally-led approach to humanitarian action, enabling local medics and aid workers to provide life-saving health services to their war devastated communities.

Hallam is a global thought leader and advocate, and works to press decision-makers to stop the targeting of civilians in war zones. She is a strong advocate for the protection of medical neutrality and the localization of aid. Rola Hallam is the first Syrian TED Fellow.

She has lobbied governments, the European Union, and the United Nations to increase humanitarian assistance for Syrian civilians—especially women and children.