Dr. Rola Hallam


Region(s): Africa, Middle East
Country of focus: Syria
Based in Spain


Current Occupation: CEO CanDo
Organization/Institution: CanDo


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Rola Hallam (@DrRolaHallam)  is a British-Syrian award-winning consultant anaesthetist, humanitarian, human rights advocate and social entrepreneur. She is an expert in front-line trauma,  burnout and recovery.

Rola played an integral part in building seven hospitals in Syria, including the first-ever crowd-funded hospital. She is the founder and CEO of CanDo  (@CanDoAction), a non-profit social enterprise pioneering a fresh, locally-led approach to humanitarian action, enabling local medics and aid workers to provide life-saving health services to their war devastated communities. She organized a campaign to equip hundreds of schools in Syria with early warning systems to protect 890 schools most at risk of attack in northwest Syria.

Rola is a global thought leader and advocate, and works to press decision-makers to stop the targeting of civilians in war zones. She is a strong advocate for the protection of medical neutrality and the localization of aid. She is the first Syrian TED Fellow.

In 2022 she announced her certification as a life coach and meditation teacher. Along with her medical knowledge and experience, she planned to assist front-line health and aid workers, emergency responders, and change-makers recover from burnout and trauma.

She has lobbied governments, the European Union, and the United Nations to increase humanitarian assistance for Syrian civilians—especially women and children.