Dana Pavlychko

CEO United for Ukraine

Region(s): Eastern Europe
Country of focus: Ukraine
Based in Germany

Dana Pavlychko is the CEO of United for Ukraine, an innovative Swiss-based nonprofit that provides housing, legal aid and other humanitarian support in more than 40 countries for people and businesses affected by war in Ukraine.  A key program is a pan-European emergency relief platform created with the support of Google and the International Rescue Committee.

Dana is owner of Osnovy Publishing in Kyiv, Ukraine and hosts the How We Win This podcast, featuring interviews with an array of guests who personify Ukrainian resilience. She fled Kyiv with her husband and three children at the start of  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They live in Germany. Dana is an alumna of the United World College of the Adriatic and graduated with an MA in Public Policy from Kings College. She is studying at Oxford Said Business School to receive an Executive MBA.