Azadeh Moaveni

Senior Gender Analyst, International Crisis Group

Region(s): Middle East
Country of focus: Iran, Nigeria
Based in London


Current Occupation: Senior Gender Analyst, International Crisis Group
Organization/Institution: International Crisis Group
Language: English


How sanctions hurt Iranian women New York Times Oped Mar 27, 2021

The Day After War Begins in Iran New York Times Oped Jan 6, 2020

End US sanctions against Iran so that we can fight coronavirus with all our might The Guardian Oped Mar 21, 2020

Telling the tales of the women of IS group France24 TV Oct. 10, 2019


Azadeh Moaveni (@AzadehMoaveni) is  Senior Gender Analyst at the International Crisis Group. She is the author of Guest House for Young Widows and Lipstick Jihad, Honeymoon in Tehran, and co-author, with Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, of Iran Awakening. Her expertise includes Iran and Iranian society, Islamic State (Isis), Islamic society, and Middle East politics.

She has reported on women and ISIS for The New York Times. She was Middle East correspondent for a decade for Time magazine and the Los Angeles Times, and lectures on journalism at New York University, London.