Alena Popova

Russian digital and women's rights activist

Region(s): Europe
Country of focus: Russia
Based in Washington D.C.


Current Occupation: Russian digital and women's rights activist
Organization/Institution: Ethics & Technology
Language: Russian, English


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Alena Popova (@alenapopova) is a social and political activist and the Director of Ethics & Technology , a think tank based in Moscow.  She was labelled a foreign agent by the Putin regime in 2022 and left the country.  She was appointed Galina Starovoitova fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington in 2022. She specializes in researching the impact of emerging technologies on autocratic and democratic governance models.

She is an advocate for digital rights and the use of technology for public good. Her organization’s areas of expertise include surveillance, personal data and autonomous weapons. Her Russian-language Twitter feed is @alyonapopova.

Alena is a recognized women’s rights activist and social media influencer, best known for her “I didn’t want to die” digital campaign against domestic violence. She has  coordinated a push for passage of the first anti-domestic violence law in Russia. She has been a candidate in elections for the Russia State Duma and City of Moscow legislature.

Alena holds a law degree from Kutafin Moscow State Law University and a journalism degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University.